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Sports and Remedial Massage


Sports Massage

Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage


Sports Massage

Working deep into muscles, realigning fibres and connective tissue to aid in addressing issues and imbalances in soft tissue induced by rigorous physical activity and injuries. Sports massage can be utilised for injury prevention and recovery. FAQS plg

1 hour session (including consultation, massage and aftercare guidance) (including consultation, massage and aftercare advice) £40

Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage

Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue employing deep pressure to alleviate chronic muscular tension, decrease discomfort and improve range of motion. Not just for the athletic!
30 minutes £30
1 hour £40


The feet provide a mini-map of your body which means that Reflexology may reach all bodily systems allowing the therapist to treat the body as a whole. Using a blend of massage and pressure on parts of the foot, Reflexology aims to disperse stress and crystalline deposits which can accumulate in the feet when your body is out of balance. The therapy is incredibly calming and may give relief from a variety of ailments, stressors and pains. Cryopen lesion removal treatment

Up to 60 minutes £32